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Featuring cutting-edge safety measures, the TPW Xpress Woolpress stands as the top choice in the industry, ensuring utmost protection for you and your team in the shed. Its automatic bale pinning and ejection guarantee pristine, compact bales, while the rapid pack locking system minimises the time lag between presses. 

This powerhouse can effortlessly handle up to 90 wool bales a day, making it an ideal fit for a 10 stand shed. The automatic side pinning ensures tightly compacted, contamination-free square bales. The single hydraulic cylinder, though robust, operates quietly, ensuring more wool is efficiently pressed into fewer bales.

Designed with a compact height for easy maneuverability and passage through standard doorways, this woolpress is also equipped with a reliable electronic weighing system for precise measurements.

  • Renowned reliability – the preferred woolpress of shearing contractors
  • Fast pressing time – cycle time of 12 to 16 seconds in high yielding wool to 200kg
  • Swift pack locking system – the fastest pack locking system design today
  • Automatic side pinning ensures contamination free short square bales
  • Low overall height – uninhibited movement around the shed
  • Low transport height – will go through a personnel door upright
  • Extra low box height – better filling height
  • Large opening to the filling chamber – takes the largest armful of fleeces
  • New safety screen guard
  • Single hydraulic cylinder – greater pressing power and increased seal life
  • Complete with the latest digital scales – advanced reliable electronic weighing system
  • 25 month structural warranty [12 months for shearing contractors]
Operational Height2740 mm
Transport Height2140 mm
Box Height [filling]1185 mm
Width1390 mm
Depth970 mm
Generator size minimum8KVA
Pressure Relief2600-2700psi
Oil Capacity25L
PumpVariable displacement piston pump
Cylinder88.9mm bore x 740mm stroke
Oil typeHyspin AWS 32
Electric Woolpress Models2.2kw (3hp) 240 volt / 4kw 415 volt 3 phase / 480v dual voltage
  • 3 HP, 240 Volt, 1 Phase
  • 3 HP, 240 Volt, 1 Phase [Soft Start WA Only]
  • 3 HP, 480 Volt
  • 5.5 HP, 415 Volt, 3 Phase

TPW Woolpress

TPW Woolpress is renowned for its precision engineering and durability, making it a trusted choice for wool industry professionals worldwide.

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