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Lyco Products - Wool Press

Fully automatic corner pinning

  • Does not pierce the pack, therefore contamination free
  • Very simple with few moving parts
  • Delivers more, short square bales for less effort

Front and Rear Loading

  • Able to be loaded from both sides to suit all wool sheds
  • Less physically demanding for greater operator safety
  • At 1175mm to the top of the door - it is the lowest in its class

Easily Transportable

  • Fully transportable
  • Fits through standard doorway without dismantling
  • No trolley needed

Direct bale removal

  • Two opening sides for easy bale removal
  • No need for bale ejection device or run off ramps

Versatile Motor Options

  • 4 pole electric motor delivers more start performance - even in low power areas
  • Other Voltage and hertz motors available on request

Increased Pressing Performance

  • 3 stage hydraulic pump gives more maximum weight bales for less effort
  • At 13.5 tonnes thrust - easily the highest in its class
  • The electric motors and hydraulic pumps are quiet in operation due to the low rotational speeds and large capacity hydraulic tubing

Revolutionary Compatible Scales

  • PC2000 Bale Weight monitor
  • Large and easily read display
  • Auto tare off and zero button
  • Built in memory of current weight even after shut off
  • Preset alarm for maximum bale weight
  • Flat screen and soft controls

Bale Management System (Optional)

  • Numbers of Bales Pressed
  • Average bale weight recorded
  • Total weight recorded
  • Wool type
  • Bale ID

PC2000 Computer Interfaced Options

  • Link package to PC
  • Compact Printer

12 Month comprehensive Warranty

On all parts including the motor and pump for your total peace of mind and confidence in our product.

Manufactuerd in South Australia by Stockowners Shearing